Welcome to STC NY Metro!
The STC NY Metro Chapter is among the most diverse, dynamic, and innovative communities in the Society of Technical Communication worldwide.  The chapter serves the greater New York metropolitan region where New York City is the hub for satellite communities stretching from eastern Long Island, Southwestern Connecticut, Westchester, and Hudson Valley in the north, to Northern New Jersey on the west.

A New Mindset
In a technology-driven economy, the discipline of technical communication (tech comm) is essential.
From finding information and navigating on your smartphone to training and instructional materials that help you be productive in your job, tech comm is pervasive. 

Tech comm involves the delivery of clear, consistent, and factual information — often stemming from complex concepts — for safe and efficient use and effective comprehension by users.

Taking The Lead

While tech comm applies to a wide variety of audiences in any industry, in New York the leading industries not only drive New York state's economy; they are leading on a national and global scale.

From financial services, life sciences, health care, and professional services to retail trade, educational services,  government and technology, tech comm takes the lead in collaborating to drive industries forward, innovate, and build thriving and connected communities.

Passion and Purpose

Spanning a technology ecosystem with a very large footprint, the STC NY Metro tech comm community taps into the power of connecting with passion and purpose. If you are passionate about communication, we invite you to join the conversation. 

Connect with us on LinkedIn and visit our special interest groups, volunteer opportunities, and meetups online at www.stcnymetro.org.

Top, left to right: STC NY Metro members, Barrie Byron, TJ Cardenas, Tim Morel, and Eugenia Gunhouse take a moment for a groupie at the STC 2019 Summit in Denver.

Middle, left to right: Chellie Esters, Jonathon Wilson, Chris Boese, Steven Weintraub, and Frances Gambino discussing the Changing Role of Smart Collaboration at Meetup @ Medidata on May 1st.

Bottom: NY Metro member and Associate Fellow, Aiessa Moyna receiving the STC President's Award at the STC 2019 Summit in Denver.

Calling All Volunteers!
If you are a professional or a student, STC NY Metro seeks volunteers with innovative ideas and aspire to engage. Do you know the benefits of volunteering? Find out more.

Award-winning Impact
Did you know that STC NY Metro's most successful activity is the Annual Regional Tech Comm Competition? Are you bold and brave enough to compete? How to enter

Life Sciences Knowledge Community
If you are in Health Care, BioTech, or Pharmaceuticals, STC NY Metro is forming the Life Sciences Knowledge Community, a peer-to-peer professional network of technical and medical writers. Coming soon.