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Fact Sheet

STC NY Metro Fact Sheet


New York Metro Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication, STC, prepares students and professionals to function as models for future thought leaders, volunteers, innovators, content managers, business analyzers, usability experts, graphic web designers, software specialists, editors, project managers, and public speakers. Most of our current thought leaders started out as chapter volunteers. Join us, become a volunteer, seek certification as a Technical Communicator and be a part of a new and rewarding adventure.

  • STC NY Metro assignments and activities are engaging, challenging, and fun.
  • Networking is key and here at STC one can find methods of solving problems while acquiring new skills.
  • One of our seasoned professionals can be your mentor.
  • Read and enjoy Intercom the magazine of the STC.
Educational Partners

STC NY Metro is a 260 plus membership chapter affiliated with the Society for Technical Communication, STC, of Fairfax, Virginia. STC, as a professional association with 6,000 members and with over a half-century of history, is dedicated to the advancement of technical communication. At NY Metro, education is a priority and, in this spirit, our recent in-person and virtual events included:

Ben Woelk, CISSP, CPTC, President at STC on Personality, Temperament, and Technical Communication, Lessons Learned on an Introvert's Journey to Leadership.  Webinar, moderated by Ronald Hinds, held on February 6, 2019.

Alan J. Porter, Head of Content Intelligence Strategy at Simple[A]: The Content Intelligence Service. The Changing Role of Smart Collaboration, Tech Comm Takes The Lead held on March 19, 2019.

Instructional Design and Learning (IDL) SIG Cruce Saunders, author of CONTENT ENGINEERING FOR A MULTI-Channel World, on The Emerging Role of the Content Engineer held on April 22, 2019.

Jill Larsen, Executive Vice President, Chief People Officer at Medidata Solutions, The Changing Role of Smart Collaboration (In-person Manhattan SoHo) held on May 1, 2019.

Rob Hanna, President & Co Founder of Precision Content Authoring Solutions on Micro content and the 5 Moments of Need. Co-hosted by the ATD NYC Performance Support SIG and the Society for Technical Communication (STC NY Metro), and the STC IDL SIG, held on June 13, 2019.

Daniel Foster, Snagit Strategy Lead at TechSmith Corporation, on the Dollars and Sense of Visuals in Responsive Design, held on July 23, 2019.

Participants of these events represented a broad gamut of practitioners of technical communication, academics, professionals, and students. Stay tuned for our upcoming events. Join us. Register, participate, attend, volunteer @STC NY Metro Chapter.