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What is the STC Alliance?

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Thank you to our Design team: Laurie Fiaretti, Julie Wing and Bobbi Werner!

The STC Competition is alive and well-led by a consortium of like-minded chapters who valued the annual competition for our communities. Starting in 2019, we banded together, to form the STC Alliance. We unveiled our new name and logo art, which reflect the creativity and professionalism of our leaders and collaborators. Our beautiful new logo appears on newly designed awards badges that competition winners can proudly use to promote their accomplishments.

Why Rebrand?

Our purpose for rebranding is to re-energize the idea of a techcomm competition. Without support from STC’s International Summit Awards, which STC discontinued in 2017, fewer chapters sponsor local and regional competitions. The STC Alliance absorbed seven like-minded chapter competitions, namely New York Metro, Philadelphia Metro, Rochester, New England, Washington, DC - Baltimore, Atlanta, and South-Central Texas. Our collaboration pools our logistics, processes, and talents to provide the best possible experience for competition entrants who submit their work for evaluation and feedback.

New Energy and Focus on Innovative Content These new chapters bring the STC Alliance a jolt of energy as well. We now have more sources of knowledge of trends in the industry, allowing our leaders and judges to sharpen their skills and continually develop their judging materials and standards. We acknowledge that techcomm is no longer just software and hardware, but rather new types of communication needed for new uses and training such as artificial intelligence, chatbots, apps, and websites. We want to attract entries that reflect these new areas and communication challenges. We envision a competition that represents the best of techcomm, with highly-coveted awards, now more beautiful than ever with our new logo.

The STC Alliance is not just a Competition

As the STC Alliance Competition has developed, its leaders have seen value in collaborating in other ways as well, such as webinars and other knowledge-sharing events. When operating in that context, we will refer to ourselves simply as the STC Alliance.

Here are a couple of very important dates and resources for the 2020-21 cycle:

We welcome your entries and judging applications and encourage you to share these links with your chapter members.

We are committed to strengthening and promoting the techcomm competitions for many years to come.