02 Salesforce, Phil Choi and Katie Augustus

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Quick Start: Einstein Analytics Learning Map
Contributors: Phil Choi, Karen Quastler, Katherine Augustus, Paul Son, and Raymon Sutedjo-The  
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Phil Choi

Phil Choi
manages Content Experience teams at Salesforce responsible for content strategy and design, information architecture, user research, the writer experience, and Analytics product documentation. Lately, he and his team have been thinking a lot about how these functions need to work together to craft valuable content experiences for customers. Phil has been in the technical writing industry for longer than he ever expected — the last 12 happily at Salesforce. 

Katie Augustus

Katherine Augustus is a product manager at Salesforce focused on improving customer onboarding by embedding content and learning experiences right into the product. Working closely with writers, her product team has delivered innovative content experiences like an in-app video player, a hands-on instructional app with best practice examples, and the Einstein Analytics Learning Map.