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Awards and Recognition

How the STC Competition is structured

As of 2019, there are 4 Regional/Local competitions.
The International Summit Competition was discontinued in 2017. Our top awardees will continue to be celebrated and recognized through the local chapters.  During the annual STC Summit, they will join other exhibitors and top awardees will participate in the Recognition Night celebrations.

Tell me more about the Awards

Three levels of recognition

Award Ribbons

Winners also have the option to use downloadable STC Competition Award ribbons and badges for use with their online sites. These are available in .png, .eps, and .tif formats.

NOTE: The ribbons/badges are currently being redesigned.

are awarded in each competition category, presented here in descending order:
  • Distinguished Technical Communication (DTC)
  • Excellence
  • Merit
One Best of Show award is chosen by the judges from among all the entries.