2016 TechComm Winners Roadshow

Our annual search for defining and recognizing compelling Technical Communication starts with the STC TechComm Winners Roadshow on Thursday, September 29, 2016. This is a rare chance to view the International and Regional winners and hear their stories.    
 Meet our TechComm Winners 
Brett Millar
Brett Millar and Rebecca Firestone, SolarCity,  Material Hoist Instructional Video 
Best of Show and Award of Distinction, STC International Summit Awards, Instructional Materials |      
Video   |    Presentation


Brett Millar is Operations Multimedia Content Manager of SolarCity in San Rafael, CA. At SolarCity, he manages a team of content creators for the Operations Teams. They create training and cultural multimedia content for all field operations teams. All new products, process and operations concerns get funneled through Brett's team to develop clean, concise and award-winning multimedia deliverable to train teams to be the best in the world.

Rebecca Firestone
 is an award-winning technical writer, technical illustrator, content developer and trainer with 20 years experience in start-up and corporate environments. Before her current assignment, Rebecca worked for 4 years in Zep Solar, a subsidiary of SolarCity.


M Ashbaugh 
Alisa Clifford
Sonia Douglas, Alisa Clifford and Maria Ashbaugh, RTI International, 
Exhaled Electronic Cigarette Emissions: What’s Your Secondhand Exposure? 
Award of Merit, STC International Summit Awards, Informational Materials     |  Presentation  |  

Sonja Douglas is a graphic designer with more than 30 years of experience in the design of covers, graphics, charts, and diagrams for technical reports, manuals, proposals, and training materials; design and production of books, newsletters, brochures, and marketing materials; design of logos and brand identity; and creation of onscreen presentations. Her background includes both commercial and nonprofit experience.

Alisa Clifford is an award-winning senior graphic designer with extensive experience in visual communications and brand direction for both national and international audiences. She is sought after for her leadership, collaborative approach, and project management skills. Her areas of expertise include logo design, brand identity and strategy, business development and marketing collateral, technical documentation, and data visuals from concept to completion. Her background includes both commercial and nonprofit experience within a wide range of industries.

Maria Ashbaugh is an award-winning senior art director who applies a wide range of expertise in multimedia, print design, and virtual reality and provides graphic design for responsive websites. Her portfolio includes outreach campaigns, pharmaceutical advertisements, technology marketing, conference exhibit and presentation materials, and technical reports. Ms. Ashbaugh has created 3-D virtual reality graphics for multimedia applications for commercial and government clients and trade shows, and she has produced web-based applications and designs for marketing and training for NASA, military clients, and academic institutions. 

Award of Excellence, STC International Summit Awards, 2016,  User Support Materials |    Presentation  

Lisa Harlan is the Manager for a team that designs and develops new product content for all of HP’s PC products and accessories. Her team includes 10 HP program managers specializing in content development and localization and more than 75 contract technical writers, graphic designers, and illustrators. Lisa is a graduate of the Professional Writing program at the University of Houston-Downtown and has been working in the field for more than 25 years.

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