New Ways To Connect, Learn, and Grow

Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate

Exchange information, expand your network and your knowledge on the following forums. Want to collaborate with us on these forums? Check out our Social Media Research page:
Facebook [requires free Facebook account] - Learn about upcoming events, share ideas, like, exchange stories and pass the word around...
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Meetup [requires free Meetup account] - Learn about upcoming events, rate events, or connect with other participants

MySTC_Chapter Leaders NY Metro members forum  [requires STC and chapter membership] - Post a blog entry, speak up, post your ideas, opinions, and suggestions. Let others know what you think...
LinkedIn [requires LinkedIn account. Does not require STC membership.]  STC New York Metro LinkedIn Community. Start a conversation, share a good book, check out the Jobs listings and network, network, network....

MySTC_Chapter Leaders NY Metro Chapter on MySTC  [requires STC and chapter membership] - Network with peers in your community and colleagues from other chapters and communities in 50 countries.  Find a new group and whatever you decide, do speak up! 
Twitter - [requires Twitter account]. Follow STCNY Metro goings-on.

MySTC_Chapter Leaders
New York Chapter Leaders Circle in MySTC [requires STC and chapter membership] - Forum for Chapter Leadership Team

 STC notebook STC Notebook - Read blogs and  review Community Events from the latest STC Notebook.

Calling All Volunteers!
If you are a professional or a student, STC NY Metro seeks volunteers with innovative ideas and aspire to engage. Do you know the benefits of volunteering? Find out more.