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Social Media Research Center

The New York Metro chapter of the Society for Technical Communication (STC) would like to partner with you and engage in sharing useful content across our social media channels and on this web site. Would you like try your hand at blogging? Did you write an article about topics which interest you? Interested in engaging with us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn? The first step is always research.

Below you will find useful links to resources in a variety of areas. When you find items of interest, you can share it with others on any or all of the STC NY Metro media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, email newsletter, and blog). Instead of having to find content by brute force, or visiting the same sites over and over, use this page to find content for specific topics from a range of online resources.

Sharing content on STC NY Metro media channels may include a link, or a linked headline with a short description of what you think will interest readers about the content, or via an article/review of the content. You can even combine several links and write an article that provides a 360 degree view of a topic.

If you have questions, or have useful links to add to this resource pool, feel free to email Ed Marsh.