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Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate

Exchange information, expand your network and your knowledge on the following forums. Want to collaborate with us on these forums? Check out our Social Media Research page:
Facebook [requires free Facebook account] - Learn about upcoming events, share ideas, like, exchange stories and pass the word around...
Meetup logo
Meetup [requires free Meetup account] - Learn about upcoming events, rate events, or connect with other participants

MySTC_Chapter Leaders NY Metro members forum  [requires STC and chapter membership] - Post a blog entry, speak up, post your ideas, opinions, and suggestions. Let others know what you think...
LinkedIn [requires LinkedIn account. Does not require STC membership.]  STC New York Metro LinkedIn Community. Start a conversation, share a good book, check out the Jobs listings and network, network, network....

MySTC_Chapter Leaders NY Metro Chapter on MySTC  [requires STC and chapter membership] - Network with peers in your community and colleagues from other chapters and communities in 50 countries.  Find a new group and whatever you decide, do speak up! 
Twitter - [requires Twitter account]. Follow STCNY Metro goings-on.

MySTC_Chapter Leaders
New York Chapter Leaders Circle in MySTC [requires STC and chapter membership] - Forum for Chapter Leadership Team

 STC notebook STC Notebook - Read blogs and  review Community Events from the latest STC Notebook.