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Tech Comm Takes The Lead

Hello STC NY Metro,
Matt Milsop
I am Matt Milsop and, like many of you, I am a technical writer. Currently, I'm making manuals for computer hardware here in New Jersey. I joined STC NYC Metro with the goal of networking and learning about this great field. I got into this because I wanted a job that would expose me to new ideas and allow me to create. I don't care if I'm writing manuals about computers or copy machines, pharmaceuticals, or farm equipment; let me learn and let me write about it. Let me create materials that allow me to teach others.

I wanted to do something for my STC chapter and contacted TJ Cardenas, the President of the New York City Metro Chapter of the Society for Technical Communications. The real trick of doing anything for anyone these days is Covid-19. But, we decided the best thing for me to do was to blog for the chapter. This would help everyone keep up with what was happening and what we needed to get done. Our first topic will be web redesign. Something I have no experience in. But, this is why I became a technical writer! To learn about new things and to teach others about them! So, yes, something I know nothing about! This is the dream! Let's roll! The best sources of information, however, are not always technical documents, but people, the subject matter experts. I am interviewing those subject matter experts, I will learn from them and I will bring their information to you! Enjoy folks!