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A New Member on the Nominating Committee

        About a month ago, the Society for Technical Communication concluded its elections. 

Among the positions up for grabs were two on the Nominating Committee, with four candidates competing. One of those candidates was Jack Molisani, who has been interviewed previously in this blog. I thought this would be a good chance to catch up with him, find out what his goals are, and find out what the Nominating Committee is all about.

Molisani explained, “The purpose of the Nominating Committee is to find qualified individuals to run for Society level office. We are looking for a diverse slate of candidates. Members would choose from this group during elections.”

Each of the Nominating Committee's four members serves two-year terms. The committee normally holds an organization meeting at the annual conference. They meet regularly through conference calls to carry out the committee's work and pick candidates for STC's elections. The committee has an Election Forum set up in the STC Communities Slack channel and can be reached there.

Those working on the Nominating Committee must have a large network of STC members. Additionally, they have to have leadership potential. Committee members need to understand the functions of the Board and how it leads the Society.

Molisani explained he has an advantage in helping the Committee meet its goals. He says he knows many people who would make excellent candidates through his work as a recruiter and through LavaCon. LavaCon is a content strategy and technical management conference he produces. Molisani adds he is a Fellow in STC, which means he has served STC for a while, and this has also introduced him to many STC professionals.

In the STC, a Fellow is a member who has made significant contributions to technical communication and to STC. A member does not become a Fellow through a natural progression from Associate Fellow. A Fellow has demonstrated career-long accomplishments, continued excellence, and has a career that has both depth and breadth.

“My goal is to present candidates who might be good for Society level positions,” Molisani said. He added, “I want to see STC succeed. I ran for this committee to help. I am a firm believer in volunteering. By volunteering, you get more than you put in. By volunteering, you find it very fulfilling to give back.”