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Aiessa Moyna, STC's New Vice President

Aiessa Moyna was just elected as Vice President of the Society for Technical Communication. Moyna has been a long-time member of STC and says this is a very exciting time for STC and talks about how she wants to be a part of this.
Moyna said she went to school for technical writing at New Mexico Tech. She said she had always loved math, science, and writing and wanted all three in one career. She said she earned her undergraduate degree in Technical Communications and her Masters in Communication Studies. She said her master's research project was on comprehension of technical procedures.
Moyna said one of her most rewarding professional achievements was getting to support the Millennium Change at her employer, American Express. She explained many business systems represented the day with six characters. She said this system had been designed years back and the programmers had not been thinking ahead to the year 2000. She said the six-digit system was used because it saved bytes and bites. She said problems were expected when the year 2000 hit and nothing was done.  
Moyna explained the code had to be reexamined and replaced with an eight-digit system. In her case, she explained, the change required a great deal of focus. She said it was exciting to be involved in a project which would have dire consequences should things go wrong. This, she added, was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Moyna explained she had joined STC over twenty years ago, first as a student. She explained she has worked at various levels and co-chaired various committees in the last few years. She said she served on the Board as the Treasurer. She said she was very proud STC was able to adapt to the challenges of Covid.
Moyna explained that 2020 was the first year STC had done the STC Summit online. She said the event was far in planning when it had to be shut down. She explained there was a concern as many were not sure what to expect with an online version of this. She said what they got was an event that exceeded expectations. She said she is a major team effort and was proud to see them pivot so quickly and effectively.
Moyna explained her choice to compete for the position of Vice President as a chance to continue being involved with STC and to be part of the organization during a very exciting time. She said this is a time where we are learning new ways to communicate and help others. As far as her plans for Vice President, she said she wants to find out how STC can apply what they have learned.
Moyna said, “I want to help engage technical communicators over various geographies. I want to continue to help develop professional education programs for professionals all over the world. I would like to help develop more participation from technical communicators outside of North America.”
Moyna explained, however, she is here to serve STC and what she wants must be in alignment with the STC's Multiyear Strategy Plan. She says, her first priority is to support STC President Kirsty Taylor's priorities.
I asked Moyna where she saw technical communication heading in the next few years.
Moyna explained, “I see it heading in the same direction it has been heading for the last decade. We're heading for more specialties. The field has been expanding and growing. We will have new technologies and more members who are not technical writers, but people working in different industries. Expect expansion.”