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K. Our 2008-2009 Events


December 2009 - Cindy Currie & Rahel Anne Bailie

Holiday Social

We are pleased to announce that Cindy Currie, current STC President, will be attending and speaking about the future of technical communication and STC at the event. We are equally pleased that Rahel Bailie, a seasoned content strategist, will also be presenting: Gifts from the Magi: A Fractured Tale for the Digital Age.

Cindy is a Business Strategy and Planning Manager in the HP Enterprise Services organization at Hewlett-Packard, which involves start up and remediation efforts in managed services accounts, and internal strategic program management. Cindy began her technical writing career at Digital Equipment Corporation in 1983. Throughout her 26 years at Digital-Compaq-HP, she has held many positions, including technical writer, technical course developer, information designer, instructional designer, education consultant, training manager, performance consultant, project/program manager, and IT outsourcing consultant.

Rahel Anne Bailie is a content strategist with a skill set that encompasses content management consulting, business analysis, information architecture, usability, and communications. She has operated her consultancy, Intentional Design, since 2002, helping clients analyze their business requirements and spectrum of content to get the right fit for their content development and management needs, and facilitates transitions to new business processes, content models, and technology implementations. Coming from a background that spans technical communication and user experience, she understands the complexities of semantic content and structured authoring, and matching performance to user need. A self-professed geek, Rahel is drawn to technology like a moth to flame, and embraces technologies that serve to improve the performance of communication products and the processes to create and maintain them. Rahel was elected Fellow of the Society of Technical Communication in 2009, and manages the STC Content Strategy SIG. She also holds memberships in related professional associations such as CM Pros, IAI, UPA, and the Internet Strategy Forum in order to keep current in pertinent practice areas.

November 2009 - John Hawkins

Managing Requirements for a New Content Strategy

Sooner or later, most technical communicators will need to be part of planning or implementing a new content strategy: moving to structured authoring, implementing a content management system, enabling dynamic publishing and interactive websites, or incorporating user-contributed content (to name just a few possibilities). All too often, the search begins with a focus on tools and workflow; but aligning content strategy with organizational goals and priorities-and ensuring that it works for the benefit of those who consume your content-is essential to a successful search.

This presentation explains how to define the criteria for a new content strategy, form a team, create requirements, and manage the selection and implementation of a solution that enhances the value of content throughout your organization. Understand the value of content in your organization's business strategy. Realize the importance of setting high-level priorities and documenting return on investment. Learn how to define requirements that focus on your goals and your users instead of tools. Appreciate the importance of lifcycle testing as part of the selection and implementation process
John Hawkins is a Senior Technical Writer and Knowledge Management Consultant for SDI Global Solutions (a division of Systems Documentation, Inc.). In 20+ years as a technical communicator, he has worked extensively in markup languages and single sourcing, and has helped many clients define and implement content authoring, management, and publishing solutions. John believes that effective solutions begin with good requirements. This presentation explains how to create and manage requirements for a new content strategy that fits your organization's goals and priorities and benefits those who use your content.

October 2009 - Ann Rockley

Creating a Content Strategy

Too often organizations decide "we are going to get a content management system" or "we are going to move to DITA" without a clear understanding of the impact on their information. A content strategy is critical to ensure that your content will most effectively meet your customers' needs and that you can move to DITA or content management smoothly and successfully.
This session will look at: Content analysis Design of content based on user needs Mapping DITA to your content and the decisions you need to make Creation and management of effective structured content Other aspects of Information Architecture (Metadata and Workflow) Formalizing your content strategy

Ann Rockley is one of the foremost experts in organizing and presenting information online. She is the founder and President of The Rockley Group, based in the Greater Toronto Area. A published author of two books; "Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy" and "DITA 101," she regularly presents papers and workshops in North America and Europe. In addition, Ann is the lead analyst for The XML & Component Content Management Report (http://www.cmswatch.com/CCM/Report/) on Content Management Systems Watch.

The Rockley Group is a content management consultancy with an international reputation for developing effective content management strategies. The Rockley Group helps small and large companies analyze requirements, build a business case, select the right technologies, develop effective information architecture, and empower their staff to successfully adopt content management according to industry best practices and universally accepted content management standards. Ann Rockley is a member of the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS), a not-for-profit consortium that drives the development, convergence and adoption of open standards for the global information society. She is the Co-Chair of the DITA for Enterprise Business Documents Subcommittee.

September 2009

Review Technical Communication Programs & Enterprise Global Information Management

With the recent downturn of the economy, many people have been thinking about going back to school and furthering their education, or taking their career to the next level. The first meeting of the year will consist of a panel from local universities and colleges to discuss their Technical Writing programs, both undergraduate and graduate; local and online. You will hear different perspectives about going back to school and starting or continuing your education.

The main program will consist of a panel discussion consisting of representatives from local universities to speak about their Technical Communication Programs. With the current economic climate and unplanned layoffs, interest in going back to school and expanding one's education has increased.

Representatives will attend from the following schools:

  • New York Institute of Technology - Dr. Kevin LaGrandeur, Ph.D
  • Stevens Institute of Technology - Professor Deborah Sinnreich-Levi
  • Polytechnic Institute of New York University - Elisa Linsky
  • Brooklyn College - Lillian E. O'Reilly
  • Farmingdale State College - Dr. Vicki Janik
  • Rochester Institute of Technology - Patrick M. Scanlon
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology - Dr. Carol Siri Johnson
  • North Carolina State University - Stan Dicks

The representatives will share with us an overview of the university/college, what programs they offer, and the curriculum.  Whether the programs can be obtained online or only onsite.  Cost and time commitments and how to apply.

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