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01. Sarah Maddox: API Technical Writing (September 21, 2015)

Sarah Maddox
Sarah Maddox presents:

API Technical Writing

 sponsored by Google

On Monday, September 21, 2015, learn about API technical writing, apply what you've learned in hands-on sessions, and network with colleagues.

API Technical Writing

9:00 am - 9:30 am EDT (UTC -4) - Breakfast and setup
9:30 am - 4:00 pm EDT (UTC -4) - Workshop presentation with lunch and afternon refreshments
We will provide breakfast, lunch, and afternoon refreshments, free of charge.

API stands for Application Programming Interface. Software developers use APIs to make apps that communicate with other apps and with software/hardware components. API technical writers create documentation and other content that helps developers hook their apps up to someone else’s API. For a technical writer, it’s an exciting, challenging and rewarding field.

This is a practical workshop on API technical writing, consisting of lectures interspersed with hands-on sessions where participants will apply what they have learned. The focus is on APIs themselves as well as on documentation, since technical writers need to be able to understand and use a product before they can document it.

The workshop includes the following sessions:
  • Lecture: Introduction to APIs, including a demo of some REST and JavaScript APIs.
  • Hands-on: Play with a REST API.
  • Lecture: JavaScript essentials.
  • Hands-on: Play with a JavaScript API.
  • Lecture: The components of API documentation and other developer aids.
  • Hands-on: Generate reference documentation using Javadoc.
  • Lecture: Beyond Javadoc - other doc generation tools.
  • Lecture: Working with an engineering team

For questions about the workshop content, contact Sarah Maddox on sarahmaddox@google.com.

What to Bring

Bring your own laptop with a WiFi connection and power cable.

Please install and configure the following software before the workshop (see Pre-workshop Software Installation & Configuration below):
  1. Java JDK
  2. A text editor of your choice
  3. Eclipse
  4. Chrome

Audience and Prerequisites

This workshop assumes that you have some experience as a technical writer in the software industry, and are interested in moving into API documentation.

You’ll need a working knowledge of web pages and HTML. It will be useful if you have a basic understanding of programming. Recommended reading before the workshop is:


You cannot walk in.

To register for this event, go to the Register section below and sign up in advance of the registration deadline.

Google (map)
76 9 Av x W 16 St
New York, NY 10011
Enter through the tenant entrance at the corner of W 16 St and 9 Av. Check in at the workshop registration table with Google-branded linen.

Transit (map):
- A,C,E to 14 St
- L to 8 Av
- 1 to 18 St

Day of event contact:  +1.9177535954